Holistic Nutrition


Athletes Eat and Train, they do not Diet and Exercise”

Sports Nutrition and Services

Sports Nutrition is all about Energy, Power and Performance. At Physioactive we create individual training plan that will optimize performance. We develop optimal competition nutrition plans, these plans are all about “you”, Hence, these plans are combined both with real foods and sports foods.

How much food an athlete needs to eat will depend on energy needs, and there is no simple formula to predict this. If you train less the energy demands will be low like off-season and injury. We modify your meals accordingly.

How we work?

We will first get to know your nutrition, training, lifestyle and goals and then create your plan. We always appreciate if we meet early during your preparation stage. This will help us try various nutrition strategies. After all, you do not want to try different foods on your event day!

How does Sports Dietitian help you?

  • Help you achieve your training goals
  • Manage any specific dietary choices like vegetarian, food allergies etc.
  • Balance your energy needs with respect to your work out
  • Provide nutrition during recovery
  • Achieve your goal for your event
  • Recipe modification to suit your needs
  • Pre-event training
  • Hydration
  • Teach you about supplements
  • Event day nutrition
  • Identify and manage any specific nutrient deficiency example iron, calcium etc.


We also Incorporate Specialised Services like:

  • Look for supplements that best suit you and how to use it strategically.
  • Provide services like hydration testing, sweat analysis, body composition analysis.
  • We do supplement check – banned ingredients
  • Help you gain lean muscle mass
  • Advise to prevent muscle cramps
  • Nutrition consultations for teams- cricket nutrition, hockey players, kabbadi players, soccer players, boxing, squash and marathon trainings.
  • Cooking workshops
  • Group education sessions for your team


Anthropometry / Body Composition Analysis:

Body weight is not a reliable or accurate indicator of energy balance. If you are looking at getting your body composition analysis or would like to know your muscle mass and fat mass along with body types, Anthropometry is the way to go!

Anthropometry measurement is useful to monitor athlete’s fitness level. Monitoring skinfold- fat thicknesses across the competition season provides useful information about changes in body fat stores.

Body Mass Index- BMI most of us have heard of! If you go to a dietitian or a doctor they expect you to be within your reference range. But this wonderful tool doesn’t aim for some specific population like athletes or weight making sports like body building and also for pregnant women. Swati believes in “waist loss” that is “inch loss” than “weight loss”!

A good hydration strategy is an essential part of every athlete’s preparation for competition. Research indicate that even 2% dehydration can affect an athlete’s performance.

We create customised hydration plans based on your training schedule!

Weight making sports like body building, combat sports and more where heavy weight training is required have increased protein needs. This could reach to a maximum of 1.2-1.7 g per kg body weight (BW), compared to the recommended intake of 0.8 g/kg BW for non-athletes.

Help us calculate your protein intake and create a menu now!

“Every athlete is different”

We work on their different requirements for energy and nutrients depending on their body size and physique, the type of event and training load. We work along with their different food choices, based in part on cultural and lifestyle issues and personal taste preferences. Once nutritional goals are identified, each athlete is given an eating strategy to ensure that suitable foods are eaten in appropriate amounts at the right time to meet those goals

Our sports nutritionist will be more than happy to assist you reach your goals!

Athletes should be cautious about supplement use.

Some supplements are prepared in unhygienic conditions and contain toxins! Yes, you read it right. Did you know some supplements do not contain the dose of ingredients? They can be contaminated with steroids, stimulants and other drugs that may cause an athlete to fail a doping test.

Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for a positive doping result.

Check all supplements with professional organisation. If there is any doubt at all, don’t take it.

We do not have facility for drug testing but we guide you to use the appropriate and safe supplements if need be based on WADA- World Antidoping Association guideline.