About Physio Active

Physio Active - The Wellness Hub is an innovative healthcare facility founded by Dr. M R Zulfi and Dr. D M Manoj. These two highly skilled physical therapists specialize in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation, and have made it their mission to enhance people's health and wellness by focusing on the rehabilitation of sports and industrial injuries. With over 20 years of experience in a variety of rehabilitation settings, Dr. Zulfi and Dr. Manoj possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

If you're suffering from aches and pains, don't let them discourage you from doing what you love. Physio Active is located in the corporate hub of Gurgaon, making it easily accessible for individuals and companies alike. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with companies to cater to their employees' needs. We also strive to create a positive impact on the health and wellness of every community by forming integrated professional relationships with patients, community leaders, colleagues, physicians, and members.

At Physio Active, we believe in personalized care for each individual. We utilize a comprehensive approach that includes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and education. Our team is committed to providing high-quality care that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. So, whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or simply looking to enhance your quality of life, Physio Active - The Wellness Hub is here to help you.

Our Vision

To become the preferred, integrated Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in India utilizing comprehensive professional resources to create a healthy and happy community where people enjoy, practice, share, learn and accomplish a deeper, stronger and more conscious sense of self.

Our Mission

"If you don’t know where you are going you might wind up someplace else – Yogi Berra"

PhysioActive was started with a mission of providing Highest quality of care in a very Positive and Encouraging environment

Our Values

Customer First

A culture which puts the needs and requirements of service users ahead of anything and everything else.

Team Work

Rising above individual and professional differences; all tasks and services are provided through efficient teamwork efforts while maintaining the quality of service.

Respect Associates

Professional and personal respect between colleagues and in each Physio Active-client relationship.


High standards of professional conduct with honesty and ethical practice.

Strong Communication

Communication with clients and between team members before, during and after the treatment process, ensuring each one of us is on the same page.


Having faith and intention of making humanity free from pain and suffering.

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