The Spine is central to the whole body and provides the base from which movement occurs. When pain or injury to the spine occurs it is not only painful but extremely disruptive to everyday life. If left too long, spinal pain in the back or neck can become worse and be more difficult to treat so it is always best to seek treatment early. Physiotherapy is an ideal choice for the treatment of back pain.

For spine injury it is highly recommended to take an appointment from physioactiveindia a wellness hub in Gurgaon. It is the best spine physiotherapy in Gurgaon. It is in the corporate hub of Gurgaon and has been able to successfully help a large number of patients find the relief that they are looking for without Surgery. While surgery is sometimes necessary (only 2% of Back Pain patients require Surgery), patients are better off, if it can be avoided.

The wellness hub focus on health concerns, take time to listen to you, in order to understand your individual condition and how it is affecting your life. Personal and professional care advisors are available at every step to guide the patient. Whether you suffer from Bulging or Herniated Discs, Sciatica, Stiffness, Restricted Motion, Shooting Pain, or Chronic Back Pain, it can help.

Our experienced physiotherapy will firstly diagnose the cause of your back pain and then combine manual therapy, which is hands-on treatment including techniques like myofascial release, mobilization and dry needling, along with specific exercises.

Our physiotherapy philosophy is to provide sufficient treatment, advice and exercise prescription to enable each patient to regain control over their injury or pain to enable them to continue self-treatment with confidence and regaining of normal function and activities.

Physioactiveindia offers innovative spine positioning products that are tailored to your needs and budget. It has launched newest and finest technology and expertise for treating Mechanical Low Back and Neck Pain, the commonest of all pain complaints. It offers hope for the millions of people who suffer from Low Back Pain everyday. So to choose physioactive India for spine physiotherapy is an ideal choice as it covers over 97% patients satisfaction.

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