Running Analysis

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  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Running Gait Analysis- GAIT ON
  • Recommendation for Treatment
  • Injury Prevention OR Performance Enhancement
  • Detailed Explanation of GAIT Evaluation Report
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Why Does a Runner Need Bio-Mechanical Running Analysis ?

  • Injury Prevention & Comprehensive Injury Rehabilitation
  • Enhance Running Performance by Understanding Bio-Mechanical faults
  • Identify running style and make style changes if necessary
  • A point of reference to Running Form – (before & after Intervention)


Who Needs Running Analysis ?

  • Beginner or Professional Runner who want to improve performance
  • Runners who want to prevent injuries
  • Recurrent injuries in one or more joints or muscles
  • Runners having pain or discomfort in foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back


How Does the Running Analysis Help?

  • Record & Quantify the degree of Bio-Mechanical Fault
  • Helps in identifying pin-point cause of  movement deviation which is leading to injury repeatedly
  • Data allows therapist to focus on targeted Rehabilitation giving better results in shorter duration
  • Computerized detail pre & post rehabilitation report