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Our happiness stems from our patients' and community members' satisfaction. Their well-being journeys truly represents who we are.
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Each testimonial offers a glimpse into our patients' journeys with us. Read about their experiences and how we've helped them achieve their health goals.

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What our clients are saying

As a 60-year-old yoga practitioner, I came here for knee pain, which had been troubling me for the last 7 to 8 years. The competent Physio Active team patiently diagnosed my problem and my journey of knee pain rehab started.

Their focused treatment made me strong enough to turn my life around by 360 degrees and helped me restart my 20-year-old yoga practice and confident to travel for jungle safaris and trekking adventures.

Arpana Roy

I have been coming to Physio Active for the last three years. When I first came, I was suffering from debilitating low back pain radiating down my leg. With the recovery plan I was put on (guided exercise routine including McKenzie, Mulligan, Kinetic Control and NDS), I improved and am doing so well now.

Now I visit the clinic for my health maintenance, under Dr Zulfi and his team.
Thank you Physio Active for all your support.

Mohini Bashin

I recovered from a 2-year-old groin injury that I got while playing kabaddi with the help of the eight-month rehab plan made by Dr Manoj and his team. It made me fit and strong, and allowed me to play and prepare myself for trials and games. As a result, I was selected for the junior national team.

I am deeply thankful to the Physio Active team, and highly recommend it for rehabilitation and recovery, and for better fitness.

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